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Most Digital Marketers Have A Strong Suit

Maybe they're great at Search Engine Optimization, or they have a background in graphic design. Possibly they're awesome writers or technical nerds who love website development.

One Talent Isn't Enough

The problem is, many marketers don't have the range of talents needed to do a great job of marketing your business.

Maybe they can get traffic to your website, but the website itself is a bit of a disaster and all the visitors bounce off and go shopping somewhere else.

Maybe they have great software and reporting tools. After all, marketing analytics are everywhere, and no shortage of capable people to interpret them. But does that mean they can help you create results-driven strategies?

Analytics, software and reports don't transform an analyst into a marketer.

You need a multi-faceted marketing team, with depth in specialties,… and the breadth to put it all together.

Don't stop shopping until you find yourself one.

Good Marketers Keep Their Eye on the Ball

Jensii owners are capable entrepreneurs who have grown successful independent businesses. They are street-wise and they understand marketing.

We use software and data to support our process. We value the metrics and watch the trends, but we focus on the one thing that matters: "How many people are buying your stuff?"

Why is this super-competent, big-city marketer going to waste your money?

He's a great writer. He loves the analytics. He eats, sleeps and breathes the numbers.

He's a tech nerd and he speaks website code as well as his native tongue.

But he doesn't know your community. He doesn't understand your customers.

Even worse, he doesn't understand marketing.

So you can't really blame him when he writes content that would connect with a 30-ish Starbucks fan in downtown Calgary. Then it bombs out because your market is full of baby boomers in small-town Alberta who love rodeo and Jack Daniels.

It's so important that your help actually be helping.

Jensii marketing team members are carefully matched to your customers and your community.

Most Digital Marketers Ignore Offline

Digital marketing has attracted so much attention, some agencies think it's all that matters.

Truth be told, offline channels are still an influential opportunity to build your market. Traditional offline media such as TV, bulletin boards, bus benches and print can lead to online searches for your products and services.

People do spend more and more time online. But, they're still at the community centre, the rodeo, the hockey game and the farmer's market.

Do your marketing partners only focus on digital? If so, you can lose out on the traction to be gained from integrated online and offline advertising campaigns.

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