Marketing Strategy

Clarify Your Message
Build the Right Plan
Generate More Leads
Boost Your Sales

Strategy is the secret sauce!

Your marketing investment will be safest if you protect it with defined objectives and a solid plan.

Every element of your marketing needs to support and enhance the other aspects, both online and off. This has a magnifying effect: an investment in one tactic improves the results of all the others.

A holistic marketing strategy based on the Jensii framework will reduce your costs and earn you the highest payback.

Start Planning Your Success Story


What You Need

  • Attract more prospects to your website and your business
  • Convert more leads
  • Sell more stuff
  • Keep buyers coming back for more

What You Need to Build

    A destination worth going to
    People going to the destination
    People doing what you want them to do when they get there

Steps To Do This

  • Create clear, relevant messaging that people can understand
  • Build trust by building relationships with prospects
  • Craft effective offers to turn prospects into buyers

What's the Process?


First, we audit your current digital marketing activities (website, SEO, content, email, social media) and your offline efforts.

Then we evaluate the competition’s marketing to help refine your competitive edge.

And we get an idea of your budget.

This gives us an understanding of the opportunities within your reach.


Now we bring decades of experience to bear. We:

  • define the marketing and messaging strategies that will drive the best results for your business
  • consider your company, your competion, your industry and your goals
  • highlight the options that will bring you the quickest return on investment, as well as the ones that will be most profitable over the long run
  • work with you and your business development team to reality-check, fine-tune and clearly define the strategy

You can only improve what you can measure. So, we help you define what success looks like, and how we're going to measure it.


We create a custom, 12 month plan to identify measurable goals and the tactics to be used.

It will clearly define what success looks like, and what measurements will be used to assess results.

With this clarity, we can now provide you with a firm quote.

Build Your Foundation

Next, we build or upgrade your digital marketing foundation. From website to social media, content manager to email; if it’s broken, inadequate, or non-existent, we fix it.

It might mean a new website, an email list, or a Local SEO tune-up. Your foundation needs to be right so you can boost sales.

This creates digital assets that work 24/7 for your business success.

Measure, Review, Refine

Every month, we detail our progress toward your goals. We include metrics like page rank, website visitors, downloads, new signups, and leads created.

We make sure your marketing project stays on track and produces the results you deserve.

Why Start Now?

There is only so much room on page 1 of Google search. Only so much content people can realistically consume. Only so much attention to be won online.

Room at the top is fairly easy to hold once you get there. But the price of getting there is steadily increasing.

If your business doesn't claim your space, what will you do when the price of getting to the top is out of reach?

Where's the best place
to hide a dead body?

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The Icing on the Cake

We commit to help you and your people really understand the concepts of effective digital marketing.

We'll answer all your questions and be sure you understand what we're doing and why.

So you can hire any marketing agency, subcontractor, or employee with confidence.

We keep you firmly in the driver's seat.

Let Us Show You How to Ramp Up Your Marketing


FAQ About Marketing Strategy

Probably lots.

Nothing personal, but most companies are throwing water into the wind with ineffective tactics.

It's because they didn't take the time to build an effective strategy, and measure the right things.

You need good marketing before you can have good digital marketing.

If you automate foggy messaging on the wrong platform you'll discover the problem with digital: if it's not done right it just wastes your money faster.

Big results can still be achieved with a smaller budget, as long as the focus is on tangible results.

In other words, you shouldn't be chasing 'likes' when it's sales that pay the rent.

Sometimes trade-offs have to be made for budget: we recommend the trade-offs that serve your bottom-line, not the fluff.

  1. Think less about what you're selling.
  2. Think more about what people are buying.
  3. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Effective messaging is the cheapest way to separate your business from the pack.

It also inspires and guides all your communications with your market, your customers and your employees.

It gives you consistency, and that consistency is essential to building your brand.

It doesn't end.

Online marketing is a process, not an event.

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