Advertising: Online & Off

Combine your online and offline advertising for powerful results

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between offline and online marketing tactics. By combining the two, each builds exposure for the other.

We provide digital advertising services, like Google Adwords, Facebook and Linkedin Ads. We carefully monitor results to ensure the highest ROI on your ad spend.

We also provide a full range of offline advertising services, increasing your visibility for your whole marketplace, including potential customers who aren't regular internet users.

Online Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With so many businesses vying for the same eyeballs, online advertising is an alternative to SEO and a powerful way to grow your business.

SEM provides an opportunity to show your ads to motivated buyers when they are searching for your stuff.

Unlike other forms of marketing you only pay when a user clicks on your ad, and is taken to your website or landing page. You can set a maximum spend, so no rude surprises.

With detailed analytics you will know the exact return on your marketing investment.

Video Production

Our production studio is local to Red Deer, so we can film your people, your products, your business.

Don’t just settle for mediocre, “cookie cutter” video content. Stand out, and elevate your brand.

Offline Advertising

Print Ads

Print ads could be newspaper, billboards or magazine ads: whatever keeps your brand in front of customers.

Brochures, flyers, and point-of-sale displays provide consistent and effective information about your products and services.

Live Events

Sometimes the best results come from getting your business in front of real, live people. Attending, sponsoring or hosting an event can be a shortcut to potential customers.

Creative Marketing Concepts

Creative offline marketing can perfectly support your business, project or event.

We produce radio campaigns, billboards, bumper stickers... whatever provides the best exposure for your brand.

We'll help you produce trade show displays and other collateral to be sure your investment yields a surprising number of new leads.

Want the Full-Meal-Deal?

Get a full range of advertising talents working for you


An Example of Online and Offline Working Together

Take a plumbing business, for example. People might not want to read the latest blog post about improved plumbing lines (until theirs breaks). There's just too much going on in their lives.

How to stay top-of-mind?

Suppose you sponsor a junior hockey team.

Your business gets exposure because your name is on their jerseys. When the local radio station announces results, you get a mention.

Wouldn't it be better if you announced the games and results on social media? Interviewed the coach on Facebook Live?

Even better… Why not build a mailing list of people who want to support junior hockey and get reminders about the games? With every email, people are reminded about your business.

Better yet… Get an interview with the local newspaper about the work you're doing to support the junior hockey team. Make an appeal for funds so the team can go to the regional playoffs. Post the interview on your website and on social media. Invite people to drop into your plumbing fixtures store, where a percentage of their purchases will be dontated to the team.

The Payoff?

More traffic. More brand awareness. And a sense in the community that yours is a business worth supporting.

Accomplished through a marriage of online and offline marketing. And, a sense of what's important to your community.

We believe the very best marketing is supported by specialties, but governed by a holistic approach.

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