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Make Sure Local Buyers Find You First

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a must for your business.

You can expect more customers and better-qualified leads: people who are a natural fit for your business.

Things change quickly online and in your marketplace. It's easy to get left behind.

We help future-proof your business by making it more visible on the web.

We specialize in Local SEO

No gimmicks - just diligent work, supported by ethical tactics and thorough research.

Is your local
business on the map?

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We provide a full range of Local SEO Services


Google My Business (GMB) is the front door to your local business.

A GMB listing is how most searchers will discover you and create an initial impression of your business. If your GMB listing isn't managed properly, it's impossible to succeed in local search.

There’s room for error when setting up a GMB, especially for business owners who are too busy to research best practices.

When we start working with you, GMB is the first thing we check to see if it needs an overhaul.


Consistent citations are a critical factor in getting your business onto Google Maps.

Your online business data, including your name, address, and phone (NAP or citation) should be exactly the same everywhere on the web. We will:

  • Locate and clean up existing citations
  • Submit to the most influential citation sites
  • Submit to all the major data aggregators
  • Handle your multi-location listings

We don't charge you recurring fees to keep your citations accurate. We don't correct your citations using automated robots, giving spotty results.

We'll fix and distribute your citations by hand, for a one-time charge, and they'll stay fixed.


Review ratings are the biggest driver of clicks from local search engine results.

97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

We'll help you make your reviews a competitive advantage, and

  • Generate more online reviews
  • Engage with reviewers
  • Respond to negative feedback
  • Make it easy for customers to write reviews


Incoming links have long been the major ranking factor for websites.

Sadly, some links will do you more harm than good, and it's important to stay in good company on the web.

We'll help you identify authoritative, trusted sites that will help you improve your rank.

We'll complete

  • A backlink analysis for your website
  • Competition and industry analysis
  • Link Acquisition strategy
  • Manual Outreach
  • Regular Analysis and Reporting

Does Your Local Business Need A Boost?


FAQ About Local SEO

Search engines love longevity. The longer a company is engaged in digital marketing the more Google love it gets.

Earn your spot before your competition catches on.

Local SEO is specialized SEO that needs its own strategy and tactics.

We believe the best local marketers are people from the community and age-group you are marketing to. They understand the lingo, the culture, and the flavour of the month.

Many SEO agencies offer Local SEO as a sideline to their regular service. Few of them specialize in Local SEO.


If your business has several branch locations in nearby areas, we can help them all bring in more business, for a reduced price.

There is no most important thing.

There are dozens of effective things, all working together.

There are first things. And usually the first thing is to be sure your Google My Business Listing is set up, and set up properly.

We complete an SEO Audit to understand where your website needs improvement.

We deep dive into your competitions' online presence, identify their strategies, keywords and incoming links.

We use insights from keyword research to optimize the your website content. It needs to be appealing to both search engines and people who visit your site.

We also use every on-page SEO-boosting tactic: such as optimizing your URLs, page titles and description, headings, social media sharing links and more.

No reputable SEO agency can guarantee first-place rankings in search results or make promises about when it will happen. All SEO is a long-term process and its success is built over time.

Be wary of fast, cheap solutions.

If it could be done that way, we'd be doing it.

You bet we do.

40% of adults now use mobile voice search at least once daily quoracreative.com/article/voice-search-statistics-trends

We once put a business on page 1 of google in 2 weeks flat.

(But we don't claim any bragging rights. After all, they sold wooden curling rocks. Their entire niche would fit on Page 1 with room to spare.)

How many businesses like yours are in your community? Suppose there are 40 and most of them have had digital marketing programs for several years. Then you're going to need patience (and some very creative thinking… which is where Jensii comes in).

We usually start to see results in 2 months, and significant results in 6 months. But SEO is more like a marathon than a sprint, and there are no guarantees.

Indeed there are.

Google dominates the search engine market, cornering more than 85% of searches.

So Google RULES.

Whenever we say Google we mean 'Google and all the other search engines'.

Black hat SEO tries to increases a webpage's rank in search engines with methods that violate the search engines' terms of service. Usually this works for a short period of time.

This is often what's involved when you see ads promising you the sun, the moon and the stars with respect to rank, likes, or shares.

Search engines work hard to detect this kind of activity. When they find it their reaction is swift and very unpleasant.

"White hat" SEO includes all activities that make a webpage more useful to a visitor, such as:

  • Offering quality content and services
  • Improving site speed and mobile-friendliness
  • Making your site easy to navigate

Jensii only uses "white hat" SEO techniques. The search spiders love it, your website visitors will be happier, and you will never have to fear the sudden retribution of the search engine giants.

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