Social Media Management

...With Solid Metrics and Measureable ROI

A Good Social Media Strategy Can Protect Your Investment

Lured by fluffy benefits like "reach", "awareness", and "buzz", too many businesses have invested in social media with disappointing results.

Sound planning will determine how you should use it. A feet-on-the-ground approach will target and measure the right things, providing a sustainable ROI.

Jensii provides the services you need to make that happen.





Many Uses for Social Media


It's inexpensive, targeted and effective.

Done the right way, leads can be added to your list, not Facebook's.

Provide Service

People expect you to be there for them on Facebook. So, best to be there for them.

Promote Events

Social media is all about what's "now". It's a natural to promote your events.

Improve Your Website Rank

We can show you how.

Our Services

Craft Content That Supports Your Message

We customize the content on your social channels to deliver your message, interact with followers and provide service.

Report Analytics and Performance

We track which ads and posts perform the best so we can quickly learn what's working for your business.

Create Social Business Pages

We create covers, profile images and messaging.

Social Media Campaigns

Jensii runs social media campaigns across all relevant platforms to foster relationships, improve customer service and build leads for your business.

Measureable Social Media Management


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