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When it comes to our people, well, we’re just crazy about them.

Jensii has a network of committed and passionate marketers, social media and website specialists, many of them in small cities and rural areas.

Our ability to draw on this network means we can rapidly create a team of talent, highly-specific to your marketing project.

Our clients in Central Alberta are supported by Brian Urlacher and Stefan Forschle of Jensii, Red Deer and Jennifer McDougall of Jensii, Rocky Mountain House.

Stefan Forschle and Brian Urlacher
Jensii - Red Deer

The Talent You Need

This is the talent we commit to your marketing success:

Marketing &

Our most experienced marketers fill these shoes.

All of them have owned their own businesses and think being an entrepreneur is the only natural state of life.

They draw on decades of experience to help you craft your strategy and message. Their goal is to propel your marketing, build your brand and increase your ROI.

Content and
Copy Writers

All our writers are closely matched with the community, generation and culture for which they are writing.

They make your message come to life for your intended audience with all the unique characteristics of your brand.

& Developers

These are the architects of the technology supporting your online marketing machine.

Whether it be websites, integration with cloud-based systems, or custom software they are more than capable.

(They dream in code… and even we are in awe.)

Local SEO

We draw these gurus from your local community.

They are experienced in Local SEO and they make sure your business is visible wherever searchers are looking for you.

They speak in some strange geeky language called 'Keyword'.

Advertisers &

Responsible for creating advertising campaigns both online and off.

These are the pros who place ads, evaluate results and constantly fine-tune for your benefit.

They value data over crystal balls, so you can expect only evidence-based, data-driven decisions from them.

Graphic &
Web Graphic

Our graphic design community delivers high quality graphics, infographics and advertisements for digital and offline channels.

Our Web Graphics Specialists convert regular graphics into digital code that flies over an internet connection and shows up on a website looking sharp and colorful.

Animation is their second language.


These taskmasters walk softly and carry a big stick.

They keep every one of us focused on your business objectives and make sure your project is delivered on time.

They're your one-point-of-contact for anything you need from us.

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