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Who's Your Best Bet For a Website That Really Sells Your Stuff?
... a marketing company with serious website design skills.

Buyers are now most of the way through their purchase decision before they even contact a business. All of this is happening online, mostly through websites.

That means your website is the first point of contact for many of your potential customers. Your website affects their first impression of your business.

We don't see a website as an online brochure. We see it as a working engine, a system for sales, service delivery and wealth creation.

Your Website Has A Big Job

It is the face of your business online and it needs to:

  • convey your expertise
  • showcase your products
  • collect information
  • generate leads
  • look great on multiple devices
  • get it done with blazing-fast speed

To get that, you need a marketing team with serious technical abilities.

Design is so simple.

That's why
it's so complicated.

-Paul Rand

Good Design Focuses on Visitor Experience

Aesthetics are only a small part of web design. We also concentrate on the content, user experience, conversion rate optimization, and everything else that makes your website a valuable asset to your company.

A well-defined strategy makes sure your website is lives up to your expectations. Find out about marketing strategy.

We Know Our Stuff... and the Pros Agree

100% on Google Page Speed Insights

100% on Hubspot Website Grader

Want Your Website to Work Harder?


We recommend the Jensii Platform for our Clients

These are some of the many reasons why

It tailors itself

Adaptable. Flexible. A real chameleon. You get the idea.

The Jensii platform is so good at adapting, we considered calling it Morph.

It transforms it's appearance and functionality to perfectly match your needs. No plugins, no extensions. Just exactly what you need and nothing more.

It’s blazing fast

Page speed is becoming more & more important as a Google ranking factor.

Jensii cut it's teeth on low-speed connections.

Every single design decision was governed by a relentless quest for speed.

So you don't get a bloated website that needs to be optimized for speed. You get lean and agile, right from the get-go.

It's mobile-friendly

Jensii earns Google love by fitting in.

Most people looking for a local business are searching with their smartphones. So, a mobile-friendly site is a big winner with Google.

Jensii websites are more than responsive: they're fluid. That means they look good no matter the size of screen on any device. So smartPhone, tablet, desktop or something yet to be invented: Jensii's got it covered.

It's secure

All Jensii websites are built with secure connections.

You get a free SSL certificate and you don't even need to ask for it.

SSL certificates improve page rank, page speed and a visitor's impression of your trustworthiness.

We'll set one up and we'll keep renewing it for you.

At last, one lesss thing to worry about.

It's quality-controlled.

The Jensii website platform is only available to professional developers.

All Jensii websites are built by Jensii-certified website developers.

So you know your website will be professional: fast, readable and easy to navigate.

It's new

New isn't always better, but in this case it certainly is.

Many of the website platforms available today are approaching 20 years old. In digital terms, that might as well be 100.

Development of the Jensii platform started in 2015. It launched in beta in 2018.

It's new enough to take advantage of all the recent technical developments on the web. And it's old enough to have the kinks ironed out.

Good Design Inspires Trust

Online, people are more wary, and trust is more important than ever.

Every detail of the design, navigation, and performance of your website should inspire trust, and urge visitors toward a relationship with your business.

Design is not
what it looks and feels like

Design is how it works

-Steve Jobs

Great Design Inspires A Response

If your website is not performing – and bringing sales – it might be time for a full redesign.

We work strategically, both in design and development, to create a seamless experience for your visitors. Every detail is crafted to inspire a response from your target audience.

We have the goods


Rules of Thumb for Your Website





Website Design FAQ

  • Your website is beautiful but no one knows about it. (You might as well have a beautiful billboard in the middle of the bush west of Nordegg.)
  • Your website speed is so slow no one bothered to wait around for it to load.
  • Your message is confusing, forgettable, has too little signal and too much noise.
  • You are too focused on yourself. (How do you feel when you meet someone for the first time and all they do is talk about themselves?)
  • You are bombarding your visitors with sales pitches when they are really just looking for information and some capable help.
  • You haven't convinced your website visitors you are the solution to their problem.
  • You haven't made your visitors an offer they can take you up on.
  • Your online reviews are poor.
  • Your website was last updated 3 years ago.
  • …and so on, and so on, and so on (could be a list of 100 more reasons)

People are impatient. If your website is slow they will bounce off before they even see your first page.

Slow websites have a negative effect on page rank … which means less organic (free) traffic.

Visual design matters!

Websites are judged swiftly and ruthlessly.

It takes less than 1 second for people to make a judgement and possibly leave before they absorb your message.

Good visual design will help you past that first second of doom.

We usually create websites in about 3 months. That's because there's far more to a great website than good looks.

Launching a website with great branding and compelling content that's carefully groomed for search engines does take time.

But we get it. Sometimes you need a website and you need it now.

An alternative is to start with a small, simple website and expand it regularly over time. Search engines love this since they look for some sign your website has a pulse. All our websites are easy to modify so this can be a very practical approach.

If you start with a small, simple site and add more sections over time, we can have that first site up in as little as 2 weeks.

Probably. Even if you aren't on Facebook, your customers are.

People expect most businesses to provide service through a Facebook page.

Besides, social media activity helps your website rank better.

Depending on your business, it's possible that social media should be a very important part of your marketing mix.

Find out for sure by building a solid marketing strategy.

Your website should be attractive and professional. That said, beautiful websites are everywhere.

You can't win people over with another beautiful website.

You win them over by helping them understand your value.

Being beautiful is nice, but it's secondary (unless you sell design, or you sell beauty).

Seth Godin explains this well:

Suppose you have one final hour to get ready for the most important speech of your life.

Do you memorize the most compelling points of your speech?

Or do you waste your time deciding on a red or blue tie?

Font size, line spacing, and line length are all important factors in readability.

People who aren't very good readers need shorter lines. That's why newspaper columns are so narrow.

Once people reach the age of 30 their eyesight begins to deteriorate. They need more contrast between text and background.

Websites with text floating over images run the risk that the text might not be readable on all sizes of screens.

Have you ever tried to read white text floating over a photo of a cloud?

Yes, but color is not a decoration. It's primary purpose is to direct the viewer's attention where you want it.

If color is distracting, it's getting in the way of selling your stuff.

Yes, when it's used to direct the viewer's attention or illustrate a point.

If used indescriminately it becomes distracting and downright annoying. This is especially true on website pages people visit frequently. After watching animations for the first few times, it just isn't interesting anymore.

  • Is it instantly recognizable?
    (No, a logo with 3 mountains, a stream, 4 trucks and 2 polar bears is unlikely to be instantly recognizable. Simple wins the day.)
  • Is it distinctive in your market?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Is it modern?

If so, leave it the way it is. If not, let us help you with a new design.

You bet we can, but does a great job of that already.

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