Why Choose Jensii as Your Marketing Partner?

We are part marketing consultancy
part writing agency
part technology powerhouse

… with our eyes firmly fixed on the aspirations of your business

People-Centric High-Tech

We just might be the most old-fashioned high-tech company you've ever encountered.

Yes, we know all about: Analytics. Inbound Marketing. Chat Bots. Big Data.

But we believe people are still the most important factor in your marketing success.

We believe the best people to create strategy, write content and develop relationships with your community are, well… people from your community.

Helping You Gain Market Advantage

When the best search terms for your business return 10 million results how do you stand out?

Our people know about the cares, concerns, events and successes of your local community. It can help you gain you a marketing advantage that's tough to beat.

Over Time,
The Most People-Centric
Companies Will Win

Our customers trust us to help build their livelihoods

We work relentlessly to be worthy of that trust

Experience Matters

We've been marketing small businesses for 20+ years.

We have 30+ years in software development and digital technologies.

It's given us perspective, and the ability to see the significant in an ocean of fluff.

Trends Change

Only a Few of Them

We've Helped Families Build Their Dreams

Some of our customers have been with us for generations. We've grown with them, learned with them and have always been honored by their trust in us.

We've watched business builders pass their businesses on to their kids... And we're still helping them to sell, grow and prosper.

What is Jensii?

Give him a hammer. That doesn’t make him a carpenter.

Give her some drafting software. That doesn't make her an architect.

Jensii is the wisdom that turns a lifeless tool into a creative force.

It is the union of mastery and technology.

It is the soul of the machine.

Want an Expert Marketing Partner?